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The association strives for the promotion of the Forensic Document Examination in research and practice and represents the profession of the forensic handwriting examiners. In this context document examination is interpreted in a wider sense and includes the examination of handwritings as well as technically produced documents or other document-related specific examination techniques. The GFS e. V. considers as its main objectives the establishment and maintaining of high professional standards in ethics, the furtherance of the reputation of the profession and, as far as possible, the protection of the public against individuals with insufficient professional education.        
One of the primary objectives is the support of the prosecuting authorities, the courts as well as Chambers of Industry and Commerce in the selection and examination of forensic experts.
The collaboration in setting rules for education, examination and quality assurance for forensic experts in the area of document examination is another focus area of the association. Moreover, the cooperation with related associations is another important goal of the society.


Conferences and Meetings

The GFS e. V. pursues its goals in particular by organizing conferences and meetings dealing with research, further professional training as well as the exchange of professional experience. To encourage the communication among experts in the field of forensic document examination, the participation is not restricted to members only.



The association consists of ordinary members, senators, membership applicants and associated members. There is no nationality restriction. Prerequisite for ordinary membership is appropriate professional qualification and relevant professional experience in the area of forensic document examination.

The general meeting of the GFS e. V. members resolved in its yearly meeting in 2015 that the ordinary membership needs to be renewed every five years, which is similar to the limitation of the term of the public appointment by the Chambers of Industry and Commerce. Precondition for a renewal is the providing of proof of sufficient qualification. This requirement aims at promoting sustainable professional qualification of the members.


History of the Society

The Gesellschaft für Forensische Schriftuntersuchung (GFS) e. V. was founded October 14, 1951 under the name „Fachverband freiberuflicher gerichtlicher Schriftsachverständiger e. V.“ and was renamed to „Fachverband der Sachverständigen für gerichtliche Schriftvergleichung e. V.“ in 1967. Since its foundation the main purpose of the association has been the sharing of professional experience between its members, although the professional background of the members has been very heterogeneous.

In 1985 the objectives and purposes were newly defined, the articles were revised substantially and the new of the society was established. The GFS e. V. is registered as society with the competent court and counts approximately 65 members from 7 European countries, working in the fields of handwriting examination, examination of technically produced documents and other special techniques of document examination.


The Board of the Gesellschaft für Forensische Schriftuntersuchung (GFS) e. V., 2017


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