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In interpretation of and as complementation of the Articles of the Society the following Regulations for the Extension of Membership have been passed:


R E G U L A T I O N S   F O R   T H E   E X T E N S I O N

O F   M E M B E R S H I P

Article 1        Limitation of the Ordinary Membership

(1)       The ordinary membership is limited to 5 years and can be extended for further 5 years upon request of the member (Article 4 Paragraph 2 of the Articles of Association).

(2)       The term of 5 years begins either with the date of the decision of the respective amendment to the Articles of Association (4 June 2015) or with the date of admission as an ordinary member.

Article 2        Extension of the Ordinary Membership

(1)       For extending the ordinary membership, no guarantors are required. I Information needs to be provided on the number of submitted reports, type and duration of continuing education within the previous 5 years (participation in meetings and workshops, preparation of proficiency tests, publications etc.), the results of the proficiency tests and disqualifications on grounds of bias or awarded fines.

(2)  The extension thus requires the consistency of personal aspects and information on professional aspects. Provided accomplishments refer to the past 5 years and are not transferable.

(3)       Personal aspects are in particular:

1.     No submission of statutory declaration/private bankruptcy,

2.     No conviction in a criminal case,

3.     Payment of the membership fee,

4.     Information on the number of reports produced,

5.     Information on the technical equipment,

6.     Participation in the proficiency tests offered by the Association (Article 5 Paragraph 2 No. 4 of the Articles of Association)

7.     Information on disqualifications on grounds of bias ,

8.     Awarded fines.

(4)  The evaluation of the professional aspects is carried out by means of a compensatory points system with the awarding of points (P) for professional accomplishments and accomplishments for the Society on the basis of the documents submitted by the applicant (minimum number of points: 9 P):

1.     Participation in professional meetings/workshops/congresses, each 1 P,

2.     Participation in relevant events of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) or comparable institutions, each 1 P,

3.     Participation in relevant trainings with authorities, each 1 P,

4.     Successful participation in proficiency tests, each 1 P,

5.      Presentations at professional meetings/workshops/congresses, each 1 P,

6.     Publications, each 1 P,

7.     Conception and execution of proficiency tests, je 3 P,

8.     Membership in committees or corporate bodies of the Society (at least 2 years in the period), each 1 P,

9.     Work as webmaster of the Society, 2 P per period.

Article 3        Examination

(1)       The Executive Board examines the request for extension of membership for completeness of the submitted documents first and then forwards it to the other members of the Board or the competent bodies of the Society.

(2)       Explanations may be requested in the case of disqualifications on grounds of bias or fines.

(3)       Requests for extension of Board-members are examined by the Arbitration and Disciplinary Committee. Requests for extension of the members of the Arbitration and Disciplinary Committee are examined by the Examination Board.

(4)       The decisions do not need to provide reasons and are non-appealable.

Article 4        Restriction to the Ordinary Membership

(1)       If the ordinary membership is not extended, the membership status changes to senator.

(2)       If the conditions for an extension are fulfilled at a later point in time, a re-appointment to the status of an ordinary member may be applied for.


Königswinter, 31 May 2018








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